My name is Eve and I am a web designer and front end developer. I build websites with HTML, CCS, JavaScript & jQuery, and am currently learning PHP and Ruby through Skillcrush. I love working with small businesses and nonprofits to create branding from scratch, including everything from logos and style guides to emails and landing pages. I'm not afraid of color and adore typography, especially thin, imposing serifs and calligraphy.
When I'm not wrangling with Photoshop and JavaScript, I research and write about eighteenth century French harps. I have an MA in History of Design from the Royal College of Art in London, where I wrote a dissertation about the design of the harp during the Enlightenment. This involves a lot of sneaking through châteaux and hours of rifling through archive boxes, which can be a nice change from looking at a computer all day. You can read more about my research here.  
If you'd like to work together or want to know more about my work, please get in touch!